My CV is available here. Otherwise, the following is my résumé.

1. Education

University of California, Berkeley. 2014–present.
Ph.D. Mathematics.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2008–2012
S.B. Mathematics with Computer Science, minor in Music. GPA 4.8/5.0.
Eden Prairie Senior High School. 2004–2008
Graduated with honors.
University of Minnesota. 2002–2007
Talented Youth Mathematics Program and College of Continuing Education.

2. Research Experience

Microsoft Research New England. 2013–present.
Research assistant. Analyzing large data sets for empirical microeconomics research, and writing crowdsourcing software for studying bias in news sources.
MIT Department of Mathematics. Summer 2010.
Undergraduate researcher under Prof. Abhinav Kumar. Worked on quadratic iteration graphs.
Multimodal User-Interface Group. Fall 2009–Jan. 2010.
Undergraduate researcher under Prof. Randall Davis, CSAIL. Worked toward combining voice and handwriting recognition technologies to do mathematics with a computer in a natural manner.
Multimodal User-Interface Group. Summer 2009.
Undergraduate researcher under Prof. Randall Davis, CSAIL. Helped work on a DARPA seedling to find the place of artificial intelligence and multimodal user interfaces in software development.
Humans and Automation Laboratory. Spring 2009.
Undergraduate researcher for Brian Mekdeci under Prof. Mary Cummings. Developed a multi-user real-time unmanned aerial vehicle simulation to study efficient team structures. Won the Licklider UROP Prize for this work.

3. Work Experience

Swift Navigation, Inc. Summer 2015
Software engineer. Helped design and implement the programming language Plover, which is for compiling linear algebra algorithms to C.
Vecna Technologies, Inc. 2012–2013
Software engineer. Architected enterprise Java software relating to sending e-mails for healthcare systems.
6.046J: Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Fall 2010
Grader. Read, corrected, and graded descriptions and proofs of algorithms.
NeCSys (MIT Media Lab). Spring 2009
Student technician. Helped maintain the MIT Media Lab computing infrastructure.
1.264J: Database, Internet & Systems Integration Technologies. Fall 2008
Grader. Consistently graded software projects and requirements specifications.
West of Thomson Reuters. Summer 2008
Tech intern for West KM. Designed a data migration utility for WestKM to safely transfer gigabytes of records.

4. Other Projects

Textadv. 2011.
An interactive fiction engine using pseudo-metaprogramming in Python. It was used for the tEp virtual house tour. Source is available at GitHub.
First Robotics Competition. Spring 2008.
Founder and programmer. Founded a FRC team at my high school and worked to program a robot using C on an embedded PIC microprocessor.
Eyrie Newspaper. 2007–2008.
Designed, developed, and maintained the content management system and website for the Eden Prairie High School student newspaper.
KyleWiki. 2005–2007.
Developed an extensible, robust wiki engine for LAMP.

5. Computer Experience

6. Academic Honors and Awards