Random things which I’ve come across.

November 2012. Raeez told me that Michael Artin started a class this semester with a discussion of why to do mathematics. “Three reasons: Beauty, beauty, and beauty.”

August 2012. variegated. adj. Having different colors. For flowers, having edges which are in a second color.

October 2008. Disumbrationism. n. The school of painting which disallows the use of shadows. Actually a hoax, but still hilarious:

September 2008. The LaRouche PAC.

These people are so scary. I was reading their propaganda, and it’s so poorly-written, nearly non-sensical, and just plain crazy. So cultish...

So, I gave them my phone number so I could play with them. I should get a call later today about what I thought of the propaganda they graciously gave me. Here are the things I was planning on mentioning:

Any more ideas?

Update. They kept calling me for a few weeks, and I did not answer the phone, until, ultimately, I happened to answer the phone right when people were screaming at tEp, to which the guy on the other end asked if everything was OK. Worriedly, I said, “uhhh... I have to go. Right now.” while hanging up. They didn’t call me back.