Muffins (That take over the world!)

This is a short story by Heather Miller from the collection The Great Muffin Stories.

What kind of muffin goes places without someone’s help? (answer at end)

“Hello, I’m Gooby. Today it is sunny and warm, and it is party cloudy with a chance of cows falling from the sky.”

“And cut!” the cool kid said. The cool kid was Heather.

So Gooby and “me” Heather went down town. !oops! did I say down town? I mean up town....

2 minutes later me and Gooby were at the ice cream shop. I got chocolate ice cream and Gooby got the same ice cream flavor as I did. Gooby and me were planning this trip for a long time. We were planning to take a boat ride. Me and Gooby are so so so so so so so so so very very excited!

10 days later....... “Gooby! Gooby!” I said.

“Let’s get on the boat, Heather,” said Gooby.

I asked Gooby what the boat’s name was. It was the muffin boat. “So Gooby,” I said, “all of this talking used up our boat ride.” So me and Gooby got off the boat and went home. Gooby said he was tired so me and Gooby went to bed.


Answer for question above: muffin boat! Ha! Ha!